About Chauchas

Chauchas are Little Shoes

Chauchas are little shoes for babies and toddlers with a soft, flexible sole that support the evolution from crawling to walking. Chauchas are easy for parents to put on and hard for babies to pull off. They are non-toxic and have no small parts that could be swallowed.

Chauchas are Green

Chauchas are eco-friendly.
All of the leather is chrome-free and has been dyed with vegetable dyes that are allergen free and do not cause illnesses.
Babies can put Chauchas in their mouths without any danger of ingesting toxins.A large percentage of the leather used to make Chauchas is made from luxury auto upholstery scraps, which is also chrome-free.Chauchas are handmade by a shoemaking cooperative in accordance with the parameters of Fair Trade.

Chauchas are for You

Chauchas are designed so that your baby is comfortable in any and every position.The leather used to make Chauchas allows your baby’s feet to breathe so that they are cool in hot weather and warm when it is cold.

Chauchas are the next best thing to bare feet.